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I am a full-time artist working at home in Stonehaven, N.E. Scotland: selling work as a painter, writer and maker both online and through local exhibitions.

I am trained but prefer to remain UNTAMED, Unframed, Unconstrained and Unconventional. Here you will see art in progress: you can buy my finished paintings etc through the gallery link on the right ~ Bern Ross

Thursday, 15 May 2014

This week's little picture

When you visit my studio you'll see this picture - or another of my choosing - in the window as you approach the house. It has to be a small one or it'll block the light in my studio. I always put a painting in the window to define it as an artist's house! It's a place that's full of character at the back - a steep rocky terrace leading down to a beautiful stream or 'BURN' but at the front it looks the same as all the other houses! No, in fact, it looks a bit more tatty.

Whatever your views on houses, it's home, and my studio; and you're very welcome to come and look at all that I do and that's been created and stored and displayed around the house.

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